About Us

People want access to cleaner water with better taste and more washing power in their home and office. People want to ensure the indoor air quality is good, so they can focus on the important things and enjoy life fully. Aqua Technologies Inc. is determined to enhanced the quality of water and indoor air, so our clients can enjoy the peace of mind and a joyous life.

Some people avoided the idea that they deserve better water and air, thinking that it might cost them a fortune, or that it is simply an unachieveable goal. Aqua Technologies Inc. strive to promote the simple and affordable scientific solutions to water and air purifications. We study hard to be updated in science and technologies, so we can explain the solutions of purifying water and air to our clients in everyday language. We test the products in our home, to gain user knowledge and experience, before we start carrying them in our stores. Once our products are in our clients’ home and office, we work even harder, to ensure that our clients are happily satisfied.

Aqua Technologies Inc. believes in science, professionalism, and customer service.

Company Profile

Certified Water and Air Specialists

Our Company’s President, Mr. Michael Chiu, is the first individual in North America to obtain the highest level of recognition in both the water (CWS-VI) and air treatment (CIE) industries.

Our company has been servicing the community since 1997.

Aqua Technologies Inc. provides superior Water and Air Treatment systems and services in the retail industry, serving both the domestic and international sectors, for residential and commercial applications.

Anybody can offer products for sale on a website or retail store, but what happens if you have questions? What if you do not understand which product best suits your needs? How do you really know if the person on the other end of the phone line knows what they are talking about? The answer is that you do not- not unless that company has chosen to invest in educating its staffs, installers and has industry-recognized certifications to prove it.

The Water Quality Association Certified Water Specialist

The Water Quality Association (WQA) is a not for profit organization that represents the interests of manufacturers and consumers in the water treatment industry. The WQA offers the most comprehensive water treatment training courses in the world. Candidates who pass the rigorous exam process are awarded the designation of Certified Water Specialist. A Certified Water Specialist has been educated on most of the commonly encountered water purification systems and devices on the market. A CWS is well positioned to interpret customer needs and make sound product suggestions.

Talk To An Expert At Aqua Technologies Inc.

Most of the staffs at Aqua Technologies Inc. are Water Quality Association Certified Water Specialists. This is your assurance that Aqua Technologies is dedicated to providing accurate and up-to-date information to help you make an informed decision. Knowledge is power – let the experts at Aqua Technologies guide you to the product that will solve your water and/or air problems.