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HF65 High Flow Series Filter Cartridge

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HF65 High Flow Series Filter Cartridge


The 3M™ Water Filtration Products High Flow Series line of filter cartridges, is sanitary by design to help provide contamination free change-outs. Additionally, the (SQC) encapsulated design allows for fast and easy cartridge change-outs without the need for a filter wrench. These filter cartridges help resolve a large variety of water related concerns that can negatively impact the taste, clarity and/or equipment used in a food service establishment.

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Product Description

Performance Data Sheet


 Applications‎ ‎ Water Filtration for Cold Beverage Dispensers
 Brand‎ ‎ 3M™ Water Filtration Products
 Capacity‎ ‎ 35000 Gallon
 Capacity (metric)‎ ‎ 132489 l
 Filter Type‎ ‎ SQC Replacement Filter Cartridge
 Flow Rate‎ ‎ 3.34 gpm
 Industries‎ ‎ Commercial
 Maximum Operating Temperature (Celsius)‎ ‎ 37.8°C
 Maximum Operating Temperature (Fahrenheit)‎ ‎ 100°F
 Micron Rating‎ ‎ 3
 Reduction Claims‎ ‎ Chlorine Taste & Odor,‎ Sediment
 Series ‎ High Flow Series
  • Provides better tasting water for a variety of commercial applications by reducing sediment and chlorine taste and odor
  • Improves water clarity and taste for a consistent product
  • Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) encapsulated cartridge design allows for fast and easy cartridge change-outs with a 1/4 turn
  • Various models also reduce bacteria¹ and cysts² (HF90, HF90-CL, HF60, HF60-CL, HF40 and 160-L), chloramines (HF95-CL, HF90-CL, HF65-CL, HF60-CL, and HF35-CL) for better equipment protection
  • Chloramines cartridges provide corrosion protection against stainless steel equipment and help extend equipment life
  • Provides Integrated Membrane Pre-Activated Carbon Technology (“I.M.P.A.C.T”) for superior cartridge life (HF95, HF95-CL, HF90, HF90-CL, HF65, HF65-CL, HF60, HF60-CL, HF45 and HF40 only)