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IQAir V5-Cell Filter

IQAir V5 Cell

IQAir V5-Cell Filter


The V5-Cell Gas & Odor Filter uses granular activated carbon adsorption to eliminate volatile organic compounds and other harmful chemicals.

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Product Description

IQAir V5-Cell

Designed for IQAir HealthPro and HealthPro Plus air purifiers.

Superior gas and odor control

IQAir’s patented V5 filtration provides the best solution for gas and odor elimination. In order to remove gaseous pollutants you have to have the right combination of media. IQAir’s system combines two types of media, one that adsorbs odors and gases and another media that changes the pollutant to an oxidized form. The outcome is air that is as clean as it smells.Features

  • Activated carbon and alumina impregnated with potassium permanganate
  • Controls a wide range of gaseous chemicals
  • Lasts 1-2 years


HealthPro and HealthPro Plus air purifiers.


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