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ATI Pure® Performance Water Conditioner SF-3000

/, ATI Pure®/ATI Pure® Performance Water Conditioner SF-3000
ATI SF3000
SF3000 Digital Valve

ATI Pure® Performance Water Conditioner SF-3000

Quick Fact : Have you been suffering from dry skin? Does your hair feel dry and dull? A water softener can prevent clogged pores and keep your hair soft and shiny.

  • Leaves skin feeling smoother after showering, shaving and washing
  • Makes hair softer and more manageable
  • Reduces soap scum and residue on showers

Product Description

Control Valve: Clack WS1

Clack’s WS1 Automatic valve is a state of the art control head designed for residential and commercial applications requiring flow rates up to 27 GPM. lt has a backwash ability capable of servicing up to 22” diameter tanks.

  • Solid state microprocessor with easy access front panel settings
  • Three modes of operation; meter immediate, meter delayed, or time clock
  • Economical and simple to operate
  • Calendar Override feature to ensure filtration media fresh and clean
  • Double backwash feature offers efficiency, optimum regeneration and cleaning ability
  • Stores system configuration and data in non-volatile memory
  • Treated Water regenerate refill
  • Downflow regeneration
  • 12-volt output AC Adapter provides safe and easy installation
  • Control valve design provides optimum service and backwash rates
  • Reliable and proven DC drive
  • Gravel – helps distribute water and improves back wash efficiency
  • Two different kinds of premium grade Resin – Maximizes softening capacity and reduces heavy metal, iron and rust effectively
  • High Quality Activated Carbon – Reduction of tastes, odors and dissolved organic chemicals from municipal and industrial water supplies
  • Enlarge Water Distributor to increase water flow rates
  • Brine tank that is designed to be UV resistant to avoid algae growing
  • Safety overflow restrictor prevents overflowing of water in case of system failure
  • By-pass Valve – Allows water flow to by-pass the water conditioning system
  • Tank Size: 9” x 48”
  • Softening Capacity: about 32,000 grains
  • Filtration Capacity: about 300,000 gallons (subject to local water quality)
  • Suitable for family of 4-6
  • 10 year warranty – mineral tank
  • Limited Lifetime warranty – brine tank