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Aqua-Pure® by 3M™ Whole House Replacement Filter (AP814-2)

/, 3M/Aqua-Pure® by 3M™ Whole House Replacement Filter (AP814-2)

Aqua-Pure® by 3M™ Whole House Replacement Filter (AP814-2)


The 3M™ Aqua Pure™ Filter Cartridge is a sediment cartridge made from an exclusive Progressive Porosity Process that entangles and entraps larger sediment particles toward the outer diameter and progressively smaller particles toward the cartridge core. This allows even loading for maximum cartridge life. In addition, the unique square-grooved surface provides more sediment-trapping surface area than ever before. Unlike string-wound and pleated paper cartridges, the rigid, sturdy construction of 3M™ Aqua Pure™ cartridges are able to withstand variations in water pressure.

Product Description


 Filter Micron Rating‎ ‎ 50
 Flow Rate (lpm)‎ ‎ 227.1 Litres per minute
 Flow Rate (metric)‎ ‎ 60 Litres per minute
 Net Weight‎ ‎ 2 Pound
 Net Weight (Metric)‎ ‎ 0.9 Kilogram
 Pressure Range‎ ‎ 25 – 125 psi
 Pressure Range (metric)‎ ‎ 172 – 862 kPa
 Reduction Claims‎ ‎ Sediment
 Replacement Interval‎ ‎ 6 Month
 Temperature Range (Fahrenheit)‎ ‎ 40 – 100°F
Large capacity, 50 micron replacement cartridge that helps improve the taste of water by reducing undesirable chlorine taste and odour (CTO) and particulate.
  • Helps protect home’s piping system and plumbing fixtures
  • Effective filtration of unwanted chlorine taste and odour (CTO)
  • 50 nominal micron rating